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My name is Necelo N. Malintad, my friends call me "Plong", 22 yrs living w/ happiness, sacrifice,promises,regrets,sins, pain and many just me!!! not perfect but certainly real..often judge by other people but i dont care about what they say. this is me!!! my style, my rules... im super duper music lover, i listen to music a lot than to face myself in front of the person that i dont a simple person who has a simple plans for myself but has a big plans for my family..i love to hang-out with my friends.....



Martes, Hunyo 11, 2013


what a yummy dinner meal for me…
can goods lang ang peg ko kaze vege ang niluto ni fuda sang at akez naman hindi kumakain ng vegies kaya ito ang ulamemz ketz„„

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