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My name is Necelo N. Malintad, my friends call me "Plong", 22 yrs living w/ happiness, sacrifice,promises,regrets,sins, pain and many just me!!! not perfect but certainly real..often judge by other people but i dont care about what they say. this is me!!! my style, my rules... im super duper music lover, i listen to music a lot than to face myself in front of the person that i dont a simple person who has a simple plans for myself but has a big plans for my family..i love to hang-out with my friends.....



Linggo, Nobyembre 3, 2013

A friends that u`ll never forgot in many ways...
were just one as a brothers and sisters...
we love each and respect...

that`s the thing that i really admire and love my friends...
keep it up mga "ter"

Sabado, Hunyo 22, 2013


A night w/ bonding moment w/ my dearest cousin at starbucks davao city...
this just a one pic that i`ve upload for this post...
while sipping the green tea lattea me and my cousin had a momentum of getting pictures and hooking some cute guys also.. (hehehehe)

Martes, Hunyo 11, 2013

3 ways to attract true love

I just want to share this to all singles and yearning for that someone special to come into your life, to share your life, and to share all the laughter and joy of being together, there is something you could do to attract your true love like a magnet! 

(1)You must believe you are able to attract true love.
This is important! In order to attract your true love, not just any type of lovers, to come into your life, you have to believe you are able to attract the right person into your life. True love comes to you not because of chance. Instead, it comes to you because of who you are. It comes ‘through’ you, it does not come to you. You attract the people in your life because of who you are. If you are someone who is always cheery, generous, kind, and hardworking, then it is very likely you will attract people who have one or more of your positive attributes. Whoever you attract into your lives is a reflection of who you are at that moment. Thus if you are someone who is always doubtful of your own ability and capability to meet the right person, then it is very likely you will attract the wrong person into your life! 

(2)Love others who come into your life at this moment.

Being loving to others is perfect love, not just wanting love. Open up your heart and give your love to others as well while you are waiting for your someone special to enter your life. When you open up and give more love, more love will return and be given you too. This is the law of give and receive. When you go outside and socialize, do not go with the intention of only wanting to find love, or to find your Mr/Mrs Right. Instead, take an interest in all those that you encounter, be aware of their welfare and needs as well. If you start to take an interest in other people’s welfare and needs instead of only your own, more people will be attracted to you. So, detach yourself from the feeling that you want to find that someone special. The right person will definitely come to you one day and be attracted to you because of who you are. He or she might must be around in a corner thinking : “Hey, I want to get to know this person who is always looking so bright and cheery! How can I approach him/her?” 

(3)Expect less from other people and give more instead.

As you give more and more love to others, be careful not to become too much focused on your own wants and needs. In wanting or expecting to experience the love we want, we suffer. We crave, and we cling to what we do not have and we even refuse to let go what we have clung to. Your giving should not come with any conditions. Instead, the love you give should want less and less. As your love wants less and less, ironically you will find more love coming your way, even without you asking for it. 
Give true love, so that it opens up and embrace the world. Very soon, you will find that someone special entering your life. It is not by chance that this person has entered your life, but you have cultivated the ‘seeds’ to bring him/her to you, not just any type of person, but the right and true one for you. And after he/she has entered your life, continue to cultivate even more ‘seeds’ of love for everyone around you, and you will find that you can easily create the ‘magical’ relationship that you desire.

quotes 3

"discreet, shy, and passive guy who is always up for a chat and drink, sometime of coz after fun as well. but usually i’m not just looking for a quick shag (in case i’m not in a deperate mood), i’d rather spend time to get to know the guy, prefer someone who can hold a conversation with. and i believe if you know the likes/dislikes of each other, it would make the sex even better as well. it’s always nice to have a friendship out of bed. it sounds old-fashioned, but to me sometimes a cuddle feeling hug and support is better than just having sex.
looking for friends to hang out (not really a club-scene person here though), up for movies, hiking, badminton session, or even good mates to travel together - and feel free to suggest anything else. if the special connection comes along, it would be great to start on a deeper relationship. always looking for that someone i can have him beside me every morning when i wake up. well you never know….
prefer guys who are sportive and much like outdoor activities, i already have enough in the boring and sit-still office.
have a preference on gwm, but all others are welcome.
be mature, passionate, outgoing. like to actively participate in any sport activities, love kissig and know how to have great fun (consider it both sexually and socially)…umm probably i’m asking for too much…
look forward to hear from you hot guys out there.
always be happy, have fun, and enjoy life!!


quotes 2

"i can’t force somebody to like and love me.
i can’t convince everybody to believe & appreciate me.
i can’t be perfect as what they want me to be.
i can’t say “stop” to those who judge me negatively & say “no” to those who hurt me
i can’t control those rumors & negative feedback’s rushing over me but one thing is for sure… ” i love all those who can accept & love me for who i am and not for what i have"


quotes 1

i need serious relationshipwhen i am with someone, i’d like to make sure that the person smile even just once..
i am a dreamer and i believe in my dreams that’s why i can survive and i know how to accept defeat and disappointment..
i am somebody who speaks too much but i manage to talk intelligently…
i like to work alone without anyone bothering me..
i spend a lot of my time texting and talking over the phone.
i love chatting, surfing’ the net, oh i just love twitter and face book very much.
i don’t smoke or even take drugs ‘coz they’re no use to me…
i’m not perfect but i will always do fine in everything that i want to accomplish in life..gayromeo


"i have to live with myself and so i want to be fit for myself to know, i want to be able as days go by, to look at myself straight in the eye. i don’t want to stand with the setting sun and hate myself for the things i’ve done. i don’t want to hide on a closet shelf a lot of secrets about myself, and fool myself as i come and go into thinking that nobody else will know what kind of man i really am; i don’t want to dress myself in sham. i want to go with my head erect, i want to deserve all men’s respect and in this struggle for fame and pelf i want to be able to like myself. i don’t want to look at myself and know that i am a bluster and empty show. i cannot hide myself from me; i can see what others can never see; i know what others can never know, i cannot fool myself, and so whatever happens, i want to be self-respecting and conscience free."

Red Ribbon Cup Cake


be yourself…

Choose to be right than being nice. To be right is the safest thing to do. To be nice requires a lot of effort and will just give you a bundle of stress. Lets admit it, we can’t please everyone. So why exert much effort just to be nice with the people around.Be yourself and just be right. By simply being right in everything you do no matter how complicated it is, is enough. No matter how people will hate you as long as your on the right track, let them hate you….. forever if they want (hahahahahaha) at the end of the day they will realized what they should realize.
Silly people is everywhere and shit happens everywhere. Just be yourself and be the best as you can be, and above all choose to be right. There are too many kind of people around, from mga intregerot’ intregera all the way down to mga tsismoso’t tsismosa. See? there are different kind of people, and being with this kind of people is not bad as long as you know yourself and your making the right thing.
Not because everyone is doing it, thats the right thing. Somehow going against the flow is better. for somehow, the the flow of water in the river flows backward, maybe you can observe it during high tide on the river near the seas, where waters goes back. See, dont go with the flow. make a difference.
be yourself and try to be right.
be yourself because thats the right thing to do
be yourself, not because you want to be nice with the people around
be yourself, bacause its you….
not perfect but real!!!!

Brain Twister Puzzle

Brain Twister:

I bought this puzzle toy from National Bookstore in Davao CiTy (last year pa ito na bili ko…). The toy consists of 4 puzzle pieces that you have to assemble to form shapes indicated in a design card. I guess I have just illustrated here how my weekends can be so boring and anti-social. LOL!
and because of my boredom moment i engage my self in many things like watching t.v., reading pocketbooks and txting but their one who caught my interest it`s to play this kind of puzzle that will surely u can enjoy of playing that makes ur head to scratch because of the pressure of playing this .

Linggo, Hunyo 9, 2013

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8 signs na crush mo na ang isang tao

8. kapag wala ka sa mood lumabas kapag hindi siya kasama. pero kapag andun ka na’t kasama siya, hindi ka naman nagsasalita. basically, kahit hindi mo naman siya tinitignan, kuntento ka nang nandun lang siya.

7. gumagawa ka ng eksena o okasyon para magkita kayo. kunyari, kahit wala ka’ng pera at katuldok na lang ang itim ng mata mo dahil sa gutom, magyayaya ka pa rin inuman at sagot mo pa, para lang pumunta siya.

6. kapag nag iisip ka ng gagawin o pupuntahan kasama siya prior ng pagkikita niyo. kapag nagkita na kayo, palalabasin mo’ng naisip mo lang ang ideya by the spur of the moment at hindi mo naman talaga pinagplanuhan.

5.kapag daig mo pa ang bagyo sa pag-eemote at ang sunset sa pagiging artistic. kapag hindi ka nabati tuwing nagkakasalubong kayo, feeling mo ang pangit pangit mo na, tapos sisihin mo pa siya dahil hindi niya kino-compensate yung attention na binibigay mo sa kanya. may pagkakataon din na sobrang nagiging artistic ka at sinisipag gumawa ng mga tula, kwento o kahit anu ano pa. kahit alam mo’ng wala ka naman talagang talent. kebs ba nila? art is a form of self expression.

4. everytime na gusto mo’ng itext siya, mandadamay ka ng iba at gagawin mo’ng group message para lang may lusot ka kapag nagkabukingan, kaya siguro nauso ang GM. pero kapag nagsireplyan naman, siya lang ang nirereplyan mo. may tama ka!

3. kapag nangungumusta ka na ng mga tao sa mga common friend/s niyo, tapos siya yung laging hinuhuli o ikalawa sa huli mo’ng kinakamusta, para di halatang atat ka’ng may malaman sa kanya. pero obvious naman kasi siya yung may pinakamahabang conversation.

2.kapag ginogoogle mo ang pangalan niyat tuwing wala ka’ng makita sinusubukan mo naman ang nickname niya, kung wala pa rin, ang palagay mo’ng nickname niya, school na pinanggalingan, work na pinagtra(tra)bahuhan. minsan kapag nakita mo’ng maraming results, pindot agad ng image. sabay print o di kaya save sa computer.

1. kapag dinedeny mo sa sarili mo’ng crush mo siya, kahit na 6 or more sa mga nabanggit ay guilty ka.

Just Hurt You Know!!!

i`m afraid to break my heart again
“And though there are times that I hate you ‘cause I can’t erase
The times that you hurt me and put tears on my face
And even now while I hate you it pains me to stay
I know I’ll be there at the end of the day…”
- Beyonce - “Broken-Hearted Girl”

Yes, I love you, SUPER. But sometimes you hurt me, and you don’t even know that you do.

One thing is when we see each other. 3 hours or sometimes 2 hours na nga lang tayo magsasama, nagmamadali ka pang umuwi.
Hindi ko alam kung ako lang ang nasa puso mo, kasi magkalayo tayo. AKO FAITHFUL AKO, MASASABI KO YAN DAHIL ALAM KO YUN.
Hindi ka nagtetext.
Hindi pa kita naririnig magsabi saken ng “I love you”.