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My name is Necelo N. Malintad, my friends call me "Plong", 22 yrs living w/ happiness, sacrifice,promises,regrets,sins, pain and many just me!!! not perfect but certainly real..often judge by other people but i dont care about what they say. this is me!!! my style, my rules... im super duper music lover, i listen to music a lot than to face myself in front of the person that i dont a simple person who has a simple plans for myself but has a big plans for my family..i love to hang-out with my friends.....



Martes, Hunyo 11, 2013

be yourself…

Choose to be right than being nice. To be right is the safest thing to do. To be nice requires a lot of effort and will just give you a bundle of stress. Lets admit it, we can’t please everyone. So why exert much effort just to be nice with the people around.Be yourself and just be right. By simply being right in everything you do no matter how complicated it is, is enough. No matter how people will hate you as long as your on the right track, let them hate you….. forever if they want (hahahahahaha) at the end of the day they will realized what they should realize.
Silly people is everywhere and shit happens everywhere. Just be yourself and be the best as you can be, and above all choose to be right. There are too many kind of people around, from mga intregerot’ intregera all the way down to mga tsismoso’t tsismosa. See? there are different kind of people, and being with this kind of people is not bad as long as you know yourself and your making the right thing.
Not because everyone is doing it, thats the right thing. Somehow going against the flow is better. for somehow, the the flow of water in the river flows backward, maybe you can observe it during high tide on the river near the seas, where waters goes back. See, dont go with the flow. make a difference.
be yourself and try to be right.
be yourself because thats the right thing to do
be yourself, not because you want to be nice with the people around
be yourself, bacause its you….
not perfect but real!!!!

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