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My name is Necelo N. Malintad, my friends call me "Plong", 22 yrs living w/ happiness, sacrifice,promises,regrets,sins, pain and many just me!!! not perfect but certainly real..often judge by other people but i dont care about what they say. this is me!!! my style, my rules... im super duper music lover, i listen to music a lot than to face myself in front of the person that i dont a simple person who has a simple plans for myself but has a big plans for my family..i love to hang-out with my friends.....



Martes, Hunyo 11, 2013

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"discreet, shy, and passive guy who is always up for a chat and drink, sometime of coz after fun as well. but usually i’m not just looking for a quick shag (in case i’m not in a deperate mood), i’d rather spend time to get to know the guy, prefer someone who can hold a conversation with. and i believe if you know the likes/dislikes of each other, it would make the sex even better as well. it’s always nice to have a friendship out of bed. it sounds old-fashioned, but to me sometimes a cuddle feeling hug and support is better than just having sex.
looking for friends to hang out (not really a club-scene person here though), up for movies, hiking, badminton session, or even good mates to travel together - and feel free to suggest anything else. if the special connection comes along, it would be great to start on a deeper relationship. always looking for that someone i can have him beside me every morning when i wake up. well you never know….
prefer guys who are sportive and much like outdoor activities, i already have enough in the boring and sit-still office.
have a preference on gwm, but all others are welcome.
be mature, passionate, outgoing. like to actively participate in any sport activities, love kissig and know how to have great fun (consider it both sexually and socially)…umm probably i’m asking for too much…
look forward to hear from you hot guys out there.
always be happy, have fun, and enjoy life!!


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