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My name is Necelo N. Malintad, my friends call me "Plong", 22 yrs living w/ happiness, sacrifice,promises,regrets,sins, pain and many just me!!! not perfect but certainly real..often judge by other people but i dont care about what they say. this is me!!! my style, my rules... im super duper music lover, i listen to music a lot than to face myself in front of the person that i dont a simple person who has a simple plans for myself but has a big plans for my family..i love to hang-out with my friends.....



Huwebes, Enero 23, 2014

Top And Bottom:Which one?

Which role in bed do you preferred best?topping or bottomming? I have always been a top,since I discovered gay sex,I don't know,I just don't like being the bottom and my sweet ass is still a virgin till now!LOL. Its freakin painful one time I inserted my finger on it and i don't like it what more if a 6inches dick is on it?! I might break and bleed!kidding!

Since we have the same biological structure,this is usually an issue to most gays.I read from somewhere that the role in bed reflects one's personality,that gays who do the "topping" assumes the role of being the dominant one,he is the man in the house in a relationship and the "bottom" is the one that is more submissive,he likes to be dominated,he likes to be the "housewife".

But what about those gays who preferred to be "versa"?I think they are GOD!!!!hahaha.Imagine they could do both,this is the most flexible role ever,you wouldn't have a problem if you found a guy who strictly plays top and bottom,like me.Because for me,when I'm chatting and looking for someone to meet,the question of "are you top or bottom" are always there...and you would tell you're top and he's top too,then its the end of your conversati0n,goodbye Mr.Nice Guy already.

Its really a disappointment for me especially if the guy is nice and I like him and the only problem for us to be together is the role in bed.I've been with a top boyfriend too in the past and we did just fine.I'll tell you about it in my next post.

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